Announcement of MASTA and DOCSTA 2018 for APSCO Member States

The Secretariat of APSCO is pleased to make an announcement for Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Program 2018 on Space Technology and its’ Applications (DOCSTA), and MASTA 2018 Program on Space Technology Applications (MASTA) on four research disciplines 1) Remote Sensing and Geo-Information System (RS&GIS), 2) Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), and 3) Micro-Satellite Technology. 4) Space Law & Policy. Both MASTA and DOCSTA programs will be organized at the Beihang University of China.

Please note that APSCO only accepts applications which are nominated by focal Agencies of Member States.

The announcement details are enclosed herewith as linked files:

1.DOCSTA-2018 Announcement

2.MASTA -2018 Announcement


4.Attachment 2-List of Application Documents

5.Attachment3-list of Focal Agencies

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