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  At the invitation of China National Space Administration (CNSA), APSCO Deletion witnessed the launch of the Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite ZH-1 at Jiuquan Lunch Center in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous region of China.

  ZH-1, is the first Chinese space-based platform for three-dimensional earthquake observation. Seismo-Electromagnetic satellite is an important platform for studying the electromagnetic environment of Earth and has vital applications in space weather warning, environment monitoring for communication and navigation, and earthquake monitoring and prediction.

  With the success of lunching the ZH-1 Satellite, combining with the establishment of APSCO Ground-Based Ionospheric Monitoring and Information Sharing Platform (GIMISP), and the dedicated web portal equipped with Ionospheric monitoring data processing and analysis tools, APSCO Member States might be shared with ZH-1 remote-sensing data, for the purpose prediction of the earthquake and disaster management.

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