Expected Performance


Future of APOSOS

[Abstract]:  Objectives  To establish a data application service network for data sharing, space hazard prevention and response for APSCO members  To improve the observation network for more efficient survey and tracking  To build a technical training and communication…

Benefits and Achievements

[Abstract]: Benefits and Achievements Space object detecting, tracking and identifying -  more than 206 objects are currently identifiedSatellite Orbit determination and cataloging - more than 90% of LEO satellites of APSCO MS can be fully tracked (40 sa…

Asia-Pacific Ground-Based Optical Space Objects Observation System

[Abstract]:Asia-Pacific GThree observation nodes were deployed150mm diameter telescope2015, Deployment of Pakistan and Peruvian observation nodes,2016, Deployment of Iranian telescopeAPOSOS Data Processing and Service Center in Beijing, ChinaObservations2015, 33 observ…
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